Nigerian popular musician Emmanuel Okose who was rather popular with the stage name Soul E dumped music sometimes ago to serve in the vineyard of God.

The popular singer left the shores of Nigeria sometimes ago in 2013 and embraced another African country South Africa to carry out his Pastoral duties.

That has been working perfectly for him as he has been able to build a reputable for himself. He is now called Prophet Emmanuel, and that name is now a well-known name in South Africa.

Soul E has been hosting successful crusades, revivals and many other church programs, he pastors a church called “The Evidence church of God”.

From his church programs he has been able to perform some miracles that are unbelievable, people fall at the hearing of his voice and many other significance miracles.

Before his time as a minister of the Gospel, soul E was popular for some controversies. Many of those include the court case with his record label, dating an older person called ‘Queen Ure’ and also his well-publicized beef with Pastor Chris Okotie.