Shake body Crooner, Skales is a talented artiste who came to lime light as an artiste under EME music, own by singer, Banky W.

The Rapper and singer’s career was overshadowed by Wizkid who was at time also an artiste under the label and was the main focus which made him a big artiste.

Despite being in such platform Skales didn’t have much going on for him which made many perceived him as a less talented singer until he was able to get his stands years later and left the label as well.

In a recent interview, the singer led us into some secrets that were unknown and untold which makes many marvel why he was treated in that manner.

He disclosed he wrote a couple of songs and contributed immensely in Wizkids first album under EME Records but wasn’t given credit for it, giving people the impression that he is a lazy artiste.

“I did a lot in Wizkid’s first album. I wrote a couple of songs and I never got credit for that. Things are fine now and we are all successful in different ways. If I could be signed by MTN twice, what else is success.”

Speaking more, he said: “I felt I am such a great artiste that was not given the opportunity to do what I wanted to do then, which was the reason my career suffered. I never got the opportunity but exposure. They kept me quiet for too long. I was only releasing a single once in a year and it made me look like a lazy artiste. Meanwhile, I have recorded many songs; on EME album, I wrote 70 per cent of the songs. If they had told the public all these, I would have been appreciated more as an artiste. As an artiste, if your creativity is being withheld, you will be frustrated. I was frustrated for long but there was a contract. When it expired, I did not renew it.”