Professional make-up artist, Grace George Shaba, is a graduate of Quantity Surveying from Federal University of Technology, Minna, Niger State. In this interview with RITA OKONOBOH, the young lady, who is making waves in the North with her talent, speaks on how being a make-up artist has changed her life, what fuels her passion, her opinion on skin toning, among other issues. Excerpts:

Description of self
I am simple, loving, caring but complex at times. I love to help people and touch lives.

Definition of style
Simple, yet classy.

Beauty regimen
I have a quite simple beauty routine – cleansing and washing my face.

Favourite colour
Red, because it means passion, love.

Favorite perfume(s)
Viva la juicy, Juicy Couture and Angel by Terry Mugler

Choice of accessory

Favourite designer

Accessory I can’t do without
A wristwatch.

Cost of looking good
A lot; you spend a lot to look good.

Opinion on skin toning
For me, toning is okay as long as the skin is not bleached. The weather is hot here, so, one has to exfoliate and use toners to maintain a glowing skin.

Thoughts on cosmetic surgery
If not for health reasons, cosmetic surgery is unnecessary.

My take on provocative dressing
The line should be drawn between decency and looking gorgeous. You could still look very beautiful, classy without looking provocative.

Special treat
I take time to rest, hang out with friends, shop and travel sometimes.

Major challenges faced
The job has its challenging moments. For example, some clients don’t even know the worth of make-up artistry, as a profession or even the products and they make it worse by asking for ridiculous prices. As a make-up artist, you don’t have a choice but to be the best at what you do, especially as the service is out there for everyone to judge. Excellent training and stocking up on good products are necessary and one has to constantly restock and never run out of products. Also, being involved in make-up as a profession involves a lot of travelling, which can be quite challenging. The important thing for me is that I see challenges as a pivot for ultimate success. After all, they are simply stepping stones to success.

Role model
Tara Durotoye. I see her as my role model because some day, I hope to have a line of my own.

The aspect of make-up I love working on
I love doing fashion make-up look. With that, you can play around with lots of colours and create anything of your choice.

Advice for upcoming make-up artists
Let your passion be the driving force, not money, because money would eventually come. Work hard and money will automatically follow. With hard work and persistence, you will prevail.