Nigerian Nollywood actress Charity Nnaji has some words of advice for the new Ex-housemates of BBNaija most especially the female housemates on how they can make more money.

The thick and curvy actress has revealed that in other to make money the BBNaija housemate’s needs to start sleeping with politicians if they want to be rich rather than take selfies.

Charity also said that the previous housemate took to that path and that is the reason they are rich, she said that some of them even charge as high as a million naira for a night with politicians.

She said this in an interview which has made many people wonder if she is truly a woman to give out such advice or if she is trying to match make a housemate with one of her client politician.

She was quoted saying

“Welcome back to Nigeria. Please tell the housemates of Big Brother Naija, especially the girls to utilize this opportunity and platform to make more money by sleeping with politicians instead of taking selfies and uploading on Instagram. They can confirm from the first set that left the house.

Some charge one million a night. One such incident happened right in my presence. One former housemate was telling a Senator on phone that if he could not pay one million naira for a night, he should forget about it.” She said.