Nollywood actress and social media influencer, Dorcas Shola-Fapson has advised ladies to keep their partners away from social media.

She gave the piece of advice in a Snapchat post, saying social media has proven to be a place where relationships sink.

Fapson said that while it was important to go on dates and create memories in a relationship, those memories were better kept off social media.

“What I have learnt from September and October, keep who you be fucking away from social media. Protect your orgasms by any means necessary, Ladies. It’s imperative. The internet is where ships go to sink.

God on dates, baecations, surprise tinz, post ears, teeth and fingernails, but avoid showing these Zuckerberg streets your significant other… Before you know it, someone has a theory or they know someone that knows someone that knows your brother’s sister in-laws ex,” Fapson wrote.