It could be described as the basest nude joint on the face of the earth. Some people that know the spot refer to it as devil’s parlour. There, girls, naked as Eve, entertain patrons every Saturday, which they call go- go nites. It is a place nude dancing girls do the most absurd things that can always confound your imagination. It is beyond description the low ladies could go for money, and you wonder when these eventually become mothers, what would they produce for the future society.

Our reporter was there penultimate weekend and captured the despicable scenario.

She stood there with a stick of cigarette and a glass of beer. Smiling. Staring into space like a junkie. Alone in her own world, she was wearing a black needle-slim bra, butt-tight G-string and high-heeled shoes. The pendant of her long necklace dangled between her half-covered breasts and a ribbon hung loosely around her waist.

Her presence threw the dance hall into revelry. The tempo of Flavour’s Ashawo remix (a popular debauchery tune of the joint) blasting from the loud speakers increased as the in-house DJ stoke his acts. Some of those who were dancing in the hangout stopped in their tracks. Those who were dozing on their seats shrug off sleep while others loitering outside rushed in. Every eye focused in her direction. Everyone was expectant. The show had begun. Time was 2.45am.

Then she began to serenade the scores of fun-seekers, men and women of various ages, who had descended on the sleazy joint located off Governor’s Road, Ikotun Lagos. Her dance steps and general mannerism were measured and delivered with professional efficiency and accuracy. Making sexy gestures, her dance steps were in tandem with the raunchy music cascading from the high voltage musical equipment. Indeed, everyone inside the seedy joint was mesmerized as she began to strut her stuff, pulling off her scanty clothing in bits.

The lady on the dance floor is simply known as Angela, maybe an anti-angel. Dark, tall and beautifully built. She could be in her late 20s or early 30s. A few years back, she could have been prettier but the edges were hardening, the mouth and eyes betrayed a certain toughness, evidence of living rough, evidence of tough life. And there seemed to be misery in her eyes.

Sex goddess

Angela is a harbinger of sex. She services the dark appetite and/or damaging habits of wild fun seekers. Men paid N1,000 each to gain entry to watch her performance. There is no waiver for female as they are admitted on payment of N500. However, most of the females are commercial sex workers who come to hawk their wares there.

Angela is one of the go-go dancers who entertain guests every Saturday night at the hangout during the go-go nites. She was on duty two Saturdays ago.

Fun without borders

She appeared on stage at 2.45 am and, without much ado, began captivating men with her erotic overtures delivered in dance steps. For a while, she held sway on the dance floor displaying brazen bestiality. That teaser set the mood for the day especially for the early callers who had waited patiently, relaxing with drinks, cigarette or dancing.

At the peak of the ugly entertainment, she went round tables to engage patrons in lap dances. She sat astride men in a mock sex. Some of the men pushed some naira notes into her flimsy pant even as they stole quick caresses.


The performance reached a crescendo when the angel of sex pulled off her bra and pant. She was as naked as Eve in the Garden of Eden. Only her long necklace, strip of ribbon hanging on her neck and shoes constituted her clothing. When she bared it all, the patrons began to make catcalls.

Again, she embarked on another round of lap dance with some patrons. Then a piece of brown cloth was brought and spread on the floor for Angela by one of the staffers. It was time for the main course. The spectacle took a stomach-churning dimension. Indeed, the scene was despicable, even sickening.

After some more suggestive dances, she lowered her frame on the floor and her practised fingers began caressing her body. She did some turns and twists and then spread her legs like the pages of a book. Apparently uncircumcised, she began pulling at her well-pronounced clitoris. But her ‘best’ was yet to come.

Smoking parts

Angela took her acts to the hilt when she lit a stick of cigarette, smoked it for a while and inserted it into her private part. Then she lifted her pelvis, showing as it sucked smoke from the burning cigar from her urinal organ.

But she was not yet done. After bizarre cigarette smoking only known to her, she stretched her hand and one of the bouncers handed her an empty bottle of Smirnoff Ice. Then she began to gently push the bottle into the same private part until about half of it was lost inside. Men surrounded the squirming, wriggling body on the floor till her crazy sex stunts ended at 4.30 am.

We gathered that the joint offers such adult entertainment using different girls. In fact, on the notice board screwed to the wall at the entrance, it is clearly stated that go-go dancers are on parade every Saturday night. There are no permanent numbers of performers each night. It depends on the girls available. Most of them are said to be Ghanaians

No price tag

Some flesh sellers also thronged the area especially on go-go nites to ‘hustle’ for customers. Their prices are not fixed. It depends on the depth of a customer’s pocket or his bargaining ability as well as the time a bargain is reached. An all-night dalliance costs between N2,000 and N5,000. Quickie or ‘short time’ goes for between N500 and N1,000. Rooms at the hotel cost between N4,000 and N5,000 per night.
It was, however, gathered that before stepping out, some of the go-go dancers are usually fed a cocktail of booze, marijuana or cocaine to give them the Dutch courage to misbehave.

The go-go dancers go home with N10,000 or N15,000 per night apart from the money they get from appreciative patrons, who stuff such token into their crevices