These days, all in the name of fashion or wanting to look trendy, some Nigerian entertainers seems to have missed it especially on the red carpets as some of them either get it wrong with colour combinations in their outfit and designs.

Fans have been forced to sit back and analyse the way some of these celebs dress even in public and the most annoying part is not for some female celebs, they tend to expose too much to the public making many believe that there is nothing private anymore.

With various fashion trends on the rise, it has also given birth to fashion Police that is people that criticize the outfits worn by some of these celebs that shouldn’t have been worn outside. The big question is, who is to blame, is it the designer or it was the choice of the celeb in question? caught up with fast rising fashion designer and CEO of Yes Couture, Oluwafumilayo Salami, was of the opinion that she has no business on how some of these celebs dress because it is their choice.

In her words, “The world is going crazy and everyone wants to look trendy but for dressing in revealing outfit is an individual thing, it is their business. Though it might go a long way to affect our values as ladies but I still believe it is an individual thing and some of these celebs just want to copy the western cultures of dressing.”

The designer who recently launched her new office at Ikorodu, is optimistic that her fashion outfit will be able to give the fashion industry a new face with the blend of African fabrics to create good designs for women that can compete with other western brands.