The idea of some women flaunting their baby bump naked is gradually eating into the Nigerian culture and not many are comfortable with such characters.

The idea of a woman being pregnant is suppose to be sacred especially her body but these days, lots of women now form a trend of showing their unclad body during their nine months journey and if every other persons including their husbands are cool with this, singer, Duncan Mighty, is not ready to accept any form of excuse attach to it.

The singer recently aired his opinion on the trend stating that all in the name of modeling; the ladies seems to have lost their values all because they want to be famous and exposing their sacred body is the ultimate.

In his words, “It is gradually becoming a norm and almost acceptable for our ladies, sisters, future mothers and even mothers to expose the hidden and most cherished treasures. What has happened to our core values? Who has done this to us? Must our ladies expose their treasures to attain the “enviable” height as a model?

“Many hardly think about the aftermath of their acts today. You must not as a lady, go unclad to become popular or attain a celebrity status. It’s almost unbelievable that our society hardly see anything wrong in these trends as many of these gory pictures received great praises and encomiums. These days we have beauty without brain as most of these self acclaimed models have dumped their thinking faculties in a bid to attaining celebrity status.”