African actress, model and producer Pat Attang, is not happy with the way the Pastors of some churches now propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ.

 She got fumed after she pointed out that some pastors these days’ picks out the person that donates the largest amount of money in the church for prayers.

“Why do churches pray specially for people who donate seemingly “large” sums of money? I thought Jesus recognized the widow who gave a mite (a small change)? Are Christians not supposed to act like Jesus? Or did I miss the memo?

“This act of recognizing some obvious thieves in Nigerian churches is shameful, unChrist like and disappointing. How does a Pastor accept an offering of 2 million naira from a level 12 government worker? Worse is that she’s singled out to be prayed for,” she challenged.

She further added that pastors should not drive more than two cars as the much preached about change should start from the churches.

Driving home her point, she wrote, “I guess many Christians do not read this bible to understand it. Nobody should be made to feel bad because they didn’t give what seemed to others as a big sum. This segregation has caused the weak among us to do whatever they can to also give a large sum so they will be recognized and prayed for.

“I should give willingly, voluntarily, without compulsion because God loves a cheerful giver. Amassing wealth so that your church becomes the next mega church is not what Christianity is about. Change should start from our churches. Our pastors should not drive more than two cars. Please, our politicians should stop spoiling our pastors /rev father’s with our federal government money. thanks. Most of our pastors live large than the members why? for now, I rest my case.”