Some women are just trouble personified and when you look at them you would just see trouble written all over them. Ace comedian Ali Baba shared his experience with a stiff-necked female driver.

He wondered why some ladies should behave in an uncultured way disregarding the voice of reason and heeding to their rotten heart that lacks an atom of goodness. He said that such women can only produce children who are not law abiding because they really cannot give what they do not have.

According to his story of the lady in the red car, he said,” . The lady in the red is clearly in the lane of oncoming vehicles and insists that everyone must go back. I came down and begged her to go back and turn into the street properly. She looked at me, recognized me and still refused.  

At this point, you kukuma know Nigerians, they started abusing her. Come and hear abuse….”Borrowed driver’s license. I must drive myself. Car owner oshi. If you go back you are a bastard. Useless woman. After she will be wondering why man no wan marry her. Who go marry trouble. You are wrong and still stubborn.” In the end she reversed and the traffic cleared. What I just told you took about 25 minutes of begging her. She later reversed with, “I’m reversing because of God.