Versatile stand-up comedian and master of ceremonies, MC Abbey better known as the Prof, has come blowing hot on up and coming comedians who recycle other people’s jokes to make a name for themselves.

According to MC Abbey, some of the up and coming comedians are not in the industry because they are good but for the money which is not helping the craft.

“Most of them come into the industry not because they are gifted but because they have interest in the money and there is a wide gulf between being gifted and having just interest. I have interest in football but that’s not my gift so I won’t pursue my interest, I rather pursue my gift,” he said.

He stressed that if the trend of recycling people’s joke continues, some of them will not last in the industry noting that majority of them the senior colleagues have worked their way through to the top which is why they are being sought after.

“There were days when we made peanuts but we’ve worked and crafted to the point where we command what we earn and people think that’s all about it and they just want to run into it and feel that they can start making money, but it’s wrong.

“A lot of people are in this category and that’s why they can’t last because all they do is to pack peoples jokes. We call them ‘live band’, they listen to every body’s jokes and gather them together and that’s what they use,” he stated.