Someone on twitter actually wished death on Denrele, saying that he wished the eccentric media personality was killed in the Orlando g@y nightclub shooting which say 49 people killed at the Pulse Nightclub in the Florida city, by Omar Mateen on June 12, 2016.

 Denrele who stunned everyone with a toned down look for his birthday photos last week retweeted the tweet bringing it to the attention of his followers. but he did not clapback at the cyber bully.


 The nightclub massacre was widely denounced both as an act of terrorism and a hate crime against some group of people in a particular community.

However, other fans of the weird TV star have taken it upon themselves to trash the man who wants him death. They advised that if he or anyone else is disgusted by Denlere’s look and lifestyle, they should look elsewhere rather than send such hateful tweets.