Sonia Ogbonna, the Colombian wife of Nollywood actor cum model Ik Ogbonna has taken to her IG  page to say that one thing she hates about Nigeria is its tribalism.

Sonia said that she feels very saddened and irritated when she sees people treating others without respect just because they are not from the same tribe. She noted that he would not like her son to grow in such environment where there is a lot of descrimination

She advised Nigerians to come together and unite . They should see their difference as their selling point instead of their weak point.

“Hey! OUR differences should be OUR selling point not OUR curse. Find Love for one another,because God is Love, no matter how you call or worship Him. Unity = Prosperity. #OneNigeria #OneAfrica #SoniaOgbonna,” she said

She also shared this text below as a way of encouraging Nigerians to seek for peace because a lot of things will go wrong when there is no peace in the country.