Being in the news is not new to this top comedian whose love for older women is legendary. The truth is that he is news personified in the sense that he’s always up to one thing or another. He is very talented and has achieved relative success in his chosen career which is stand-up comedy.

He has been a pathfinder to many equally successful comedians. This dude once married to a former beauty queen and their nuptial was shattered like a Chinaware recently and before the remnants of the broken Chinaware could be pieced together, another wedding bell with an older woman jingled round the city again. This time, he is going all out with a deep-pocket and one of Nigeria’s leading bank’s big babes.

However, tale-bearers say the life of the top comedian who had the honour of taking his humour to many high places including the Aso Rock Villa, changed for the better when he got married to the bank executive.

According to the taletellers, not quite long after the wedding, katakata set in at the woman’s office when the bank discovered that there was a high profile racket which has cost the bank close to N17 billion.

When investigations were carried out, the top comedian’s wife and four other top shots of the bank were found culpable and promptly sacked or retired.

Ever since the sack or resignation, many busy bodies have latched on to the alleged scam to pillory the couple over their then wealthy status.

They pointed to a particular property of the top comedian on the Island as part of the seed from the racket.

Also, their state-of-the-art autos were similarly mentioned.