South African rapper AKA has lent his voice to the emerging violence ravaging his country at the moment. He has berated his country for the unjustifiable killing of foreigners in his home country.

In a bid to perform in some African countries which include Nigeria, the fair-skinned rapper exposed his shame at being called a South African.

“Headed to Nigeria, Ghana and Tanzania shortly. And for the first time I will be ashamed of my South African passport.”Click:Save Us From Xenophobic Attacks, Nigerians In South Africa Tell FG

However, fans have been calling him and his colleagues to become more active in campaign to stop the violent acts. They are clamouring for other celebrities to use their crafts to spread the message against such hate.

In a reply to such calls put to him, he said he had witnessed the same people ignorantly attack him for visiting Nigeria during the Ebola scrouge.

“The same ignorant comments I received about Ebola when I recently visited Nigeria and Kenya are cut from the same cloth as Xenophobia.”

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