Speed Darlington advises men against marrying Igbo ladies

Controversial rapper, Darlington Okoye, aka Speed Darlington, has advised bachelors looking for partners to avoid Igbo ladies because they are not suitable for marriage.

Recently, the entertainer the criteria for his potential wife and stated that she must be fluent in the Igbo language.

He, however, made a U-turn in a video message shared via his social media page, where he accused Igbo ladies of being proud and promiscuous.

Darlington said, “This message is for my brothers who are planning to marry. Listen to me, you are not more exposed than I am. My job makes me travel a lot. So, I think I’m very quality to give this advice.

“Avoid Igbo girls, they’re not great for marriage. I am an Igbo guy and I am telling you about our girls. Avoid Igbo girls, they’re very greedy and unappreciative. They behave like black American women; nothing you give a black American lady is enough.

“Igbo women are also very proud unlike Yoruba and Hausa women. I wonder how someone is going to live with such a braggadocious woman. They’re the number one prostitutes in Nigeria. Most social media feminists are Igbo women.”