Is writing now irrelevant? At the risk of sounding a tad ignorant/uninformed, i didn’t even seriously consider that such a school of thought, that questioned the relevance of writing even existed. I thought it was a given- that writing was an all-timer. That the question was put forward, however, suggests some doubts from some quarters as to its relevance. So i answer -no. While it is true that some forms of writing have had their importance overtaken by the provisions of modernism vis-a-vis technology vis-a-vis globalization, the same can hardly, if not almost never, be said of many other forms of writing. Definitely not of creative writing. The practice of letter-writing falls into the former category. Because people can send messages, speak to one another at the touch of some button or another, writing of letters has become increasingly and understandably unpopular. Just the other day, yours truly was begging the ‘him’ to write me a love letter and he thought my request incredulous. “Not with all the calls, texts and emails I make and send u” he said. I only just thought i would enjoy that very much- a hand-written missive, baring his mind and soul to me, like it used to be in them good, ‘almost old’ days between boys and girls, men and women. I await this letter from him till date. Because creative writing is an art, its importance and relevance is continous, continuing. Admittedly, its appreciation by consumers may vary from time to time to time, but it has an infinite number of lives and is yet to lose any. Why, even the answer to the question of its relevance, writing, that is, had to be written, created. The stories we read, the news, the music we listen to, the movies and plays we see. They all had to first be written. Even as another speaks to you, he writes, his words pre-written as thoughts on his mind By Osiro Vera your social media marketing partner