Today we are going to look at BELIEVERS ,I mean those that believe in Our Risen Lord and Saviour ,The Great man that was Crucified on the cross of Calvary,who died 200o plus years ago ,went down to Hades and yank the Key of Death from the palm of Lucifer,then Risen on the third day and thereafter ascend into Heaven ,where he Was and is and will be coming to take Us back into his Heavenly Kingdom. I am talking of one man that is known with so many names ,some call him -JESUS CHRIST ,EMMANUEL, THE RISEN ONE,THE GREAT HEALER ,OMNI PRESENCE,OMNI POTENT,OMNI SCIENCE ,LORD OF LORDS,KING OF KINGS ,THE MIGHTY MAN IN BATTLE but those that are closer to him cal him PRINCE OF PEACE. I said that the Entire Human on the earth believe in him and daily they attest to his majesty and existence ,but owing to some confusion that comes through watching too much Television or Hollywood Movies , some of them still deny that they are not BELIEVERS .Before we proceed ,who is a believer ?He is one that believes in existence of something !!!... When next somebody tells you that he/she does not believe in Christ ,just ask the person one simple question ,what is that person,s birthday and what is the date of the day of the argument.. If that person said 10 B.C or 1375 till date ,that means the person is testifying that Christ existed.When he said ANY DATE BC [that means BEFORE CHRIST] AND AD after Death of Christ . So know it that dates existed counting before Christ and after his death.If The world should count days and numbers based on the life of Christ and we mark dates and birthday counting from his Death ,that makes us BELIEVERS. That is not all ,Every where in the World ,Sunday which is reserved for Christian Worships are exclusively made HOLY by world leaders,they make absolute sure that no GOVERNMENT COMPANY works on Sunday.That is Respect and Honor that is dued only to the Risen Christ. XMAS -It is a must celebrate for every Tom ,Dick and Harry all over the World and by the way ,World struggles are set to make Xmas of every year a time for stock taking and appraisals.NO other belief command one quarter of such recognition . BIBLE -Is the Oldest and most selling Book all over the world,It is the most quoted Book and the most travelled and translated Book in all over the World. MIRACLE -This word is usually used in extreme conditions,for instance when a case is hopeless ,you will hear even Medical Doctors say-IT WILL TAKE MIRACLE TO MAKE IT RIGHT.There is only one place that Miracle is seen in the whole World .In the Bible and inside Churches and through Christ the son of the Living God. OK ,Mr Preacher man ,if that is the truth ,why is it that everybody is not a Christian ?. That is a good question that needs a good answer too.. You see being a follower of Christ got so many restrictions and which many people cannot abide with ,tell me have you heard of LIVING A RIGHTEOUS LIFE ? that comes with being a christian,so how can those that refuse to follow Christ because of some yoke that is weighting them down ,do the commandment of Christ . Like Christ said -Do not commit FORNICATION ,but we know that most westernized nation today ,started given their children CONDOM as birthday gift at the age of 9,so what do you think they will use the Condom to do ?. If all the people concur with their believe and become Christian ,how can LADIES RAISE FATHERLESS CHILDREN ?,WHICH in Africa it is called BASTARD CHILD but in western World they prop it up a bit and give it a better name and now it is called SINGLE PARENT CHILD ,it is like calling Clerk secretary. How can the children of today obey their parents ? when every law in Western nation declared that -any parents that scold a child is guilty of CHILD ABUSE ,when The Bible said "Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child",western nations said ,use the Rod and go to prison. How can People stay faithful in marriage ,when Western nation provides avenue for a refined POLYGAMY.This days ,they encourage people to change marriages the same way they change cars.If you are tired of your old marriage ,get A DIVORCE and exchange to another marriage ,which you will change again.They did not even consider taking the marriage to Mechanic to fix the leak but exchange them into another one ,as if you are buying second handed cars . Maybe they thought that POLYGAMY will have you burdened with many wives ,and so they made it more flexible to suit the need of Men, and makes it rewarding mostly to women by encouraging them to divorce with a vengeance.When a divorce is made to pay every woman more that INSURANCE and HARD WORK ,that way Divorce become the next big business. Like the Bible said ,help the poor ,but the Rich prefer to enslave the poor and pay them enough money to make them poorer and thereby making them Generation of paupers.The most annoying is they have invented CREDIT CARD and today most of the merchandise on sale is through Credit card,with Credit card card in your hand ,you are having PERPETUAL DEBT handed down to you,they even know how to increase your burden of debt by extending your credit limit.That is why there is no INDEPENDENT worker in westernized nation.If they make the world cash and carry ,people will work harder to make money and that will open so many eyes ,but HAND DOWN Credit card and you got people chained in perpetual slavery. That is why you see people serving in Restaurant , they cannot afford to eat inside same restaurant,their monthly salary will not pay for a plate of food inside same. Some work in Shopping Malls they can,t afford to buy Toothpaste from because it is above their class.Many work in hospital ,they cannot afford to fall sick inside. If the World accept Christ as the only standard ,how then can those that teach you to KILL SELF and get 72 VIRGINS IN HELL ,get people that will die in abject stupidity ?when the KING pins send their own Children to study in France,USA,London ?. If National leaders accept Christ as the ultimate leader ,that will discourage them from INVADING an independent nation and, telling them what to have and what not to have.They will not manipulate any economy and make the WINNERS to be Losers.Do not ask me why Africa is blessed with all the Mineral resources but Westerners are enjoying it more than the owners ,that is called DEMOCRACY. Democracy means when you take your Gun and Soldiers and force another person to agree with your demands without negotiation,but in africa we call it kidnapping. So the only thing that makes the WORLD to take Christ as a FOCUS POINT is because he is the only TESTED GENUINE, but, because of the multiple benefit in sin ,they prefer to take some and leave some... your social media marketing partner