Tonto Dikeh’s apology to Mercy Johnson over her badmouthing of Mercy’s early return to acting barely months after the delivery of her daughter in 2013 is the big thing in entertainment buzz right now.

Now as it was then, Tonto’s comments have always gotten the viral attention that she craves. But while many applaud her U-Turn and ‘unreserved and long overdue apology’ others believe it has come a little too late, and that it is all because of the heat she’s allegedly facing in her own marriage that she has decided to do the needful. Some even believe she is just trying to divert attention from the said marriage crisis. Well!

Celeb Police forensics have against the backdrop of the different reactions taken a longer look at the trending Apology. Here’s what we found:

“As a mom I do realize a lot of things I take in because of the love of my son and I know you only took my insult because of that same love…I am sorry MJ,I am sorry to your lil’ girl or boy…We don’t have to love each other to realize when we are/went wrong…”

After all this time and the publicity that follows the person of Mercy Johnson and her family, Tonto Dikeh still pretends not to know the sex of the baby she abused? Come on, that just shows she is still unrepentant and only actually needed to do this to divert attention from any purported crisis being reported about her marriage to Churchill Olakunle Oladunni as well as to use it to ‘wash’ the public.

That single point of ‘whatever the sex of the child’ gives the apology away as an act. Celeb Police forensics opinion. Take another look and lets see what you think.