Nollywood’s Screen Diva, Genevieve Nnaji is on the news as always; not for a bad course but for that which is better than life. After Genevieve Nnaji declared to dabble into the fashion industry with a trade mark St Genevieve, lot whispered “she would not make it”. Now, they are proofs that those whispers didn’t get heard because St. Genevieve has just made designs for TW (Today’s woman magazine) which is indeed good news.

TW is a magazine designed for Today’s Woman which was launched in 2007 and is aimed at making a difference in individual lives by spreading information that will teach, inspire and empower women in particular, and their families in general. It is inclusive that TW magazine is also for men like me who love their mothers, sisters, wifes and girlfriends. Of course, every man wants to know what women wants.

The latest edition of the TW magazine is motivational and indeed has the face of all time Diva, as the front cover looking as gracious as she ever is. Not to forget that Olamide Iconola, the young pretty fashion designer is still the woman behind a better life in the clothings designed by Genevieve Nnaji. These pretty women behind St. Genevieve without doubts may soon become a force to be reckoned with in the women fashion world.

Did I forget to mention that Genevieve’s and Olamide’s pocket may just have swollen on reference to St. Genevieve, of course it has.