There is so much going on for star actress,Genevieve Nnaji.Apart from having numerous awards under her belt,this year proved to be exceptional.

She was the top female artist that made 10 most influential African artistes,won an award at the prestigious Monaco Film Festival,and won the Best Actress at the ZAFAA Award,in London.

Recently,she was awarded the Nigeria National Honour of Member of the Order of the Federal Republic (MFR).

The adorable, indubitable and glamorous Nnaji is considered one of the hottest actresses on the Nollywood scene. Genevieve is not new to awards, mentions and recognitions both at home and abroad. She may perhaps have won more quality awards than any other actress of her generation with the most recent being the Best Actress in a TV Series/Game Show at the Nigerian Entertainment Award (NEA) held in New York.

The disarmingly humble actress of vast credit and AMAA 2006 best actress in a leading role, earned that diadem for her sterling performance as host of the celebrity edition of the popular Guilder Ultimate Search reality game show. Genny as she is simply called, proved, with her hosting of that show, that she could also be relied upon as a good show host. It was also in 2010 that she put up a terrific performance in Chineze Anyaene’s brilliant telling Ije. Genny played Chioma and played it well.

A diva by all standards, Nnaji, star of Mahmood Ali Balogun’s big budget flick Tango With Me, clearly leads on the list of acting celebrities with the most award nominations, winnings and endorsement deals. Genny got the icing on her career cake when she was named by the talk show diva, Oprah Winfrey, as one of the most famous people in the world. Even Oprah Winfrey, sources say, has applauded the Federal Government decision to honour the single mother of one with a national honour.

In a recent interview,the 31 year old glamorous actress opens up on her winning ways and the national award alongside other international laurels.

National award means recognition for what we are doing,and it feels so good to be recognized for doing what you love doing.It also means appreciation of the industry,not just Genevieve.

It means gradually we are being recognized by the Federal Government,this has been long overdue,that Nollywood should also be accorded the well deserved recognition for what it’s doing for the country.

As an industry in Nigeria,we have represented the country well in the international arena.So,it encouraging.

It’s really something that will show that Nollywood has come of age and the federal government has championed their cause.

Asked,what are your winning strategies;she said, God.To be honest,I don’t know my winning strategies,I would just say it’s been God.To tell you I have any winning strategies,I don’t even know where to start from because I can’t list this and that as steps I would take to win.If I had a winning strategy,I would sell it.

The truth of the matter is that for anybody to want to be like Genevieve,she must understand what Genevieve is made of.I am one person that is very determined.I follow my heart,I do not follow friends and I don’t believe in impossibilities.

I belive in following my heart as I said.So,it’s very important you listen to yourself.Don’t copy anybody or pretend to be somebody else.

I believe that everybody has different stuffs they can be good at,all they need to do is listen to themselves and discover what they can be good at.

This is the best way for an individual to discover yourself.

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