Ripples generated from a musical video shot by CEO of Capital Music, Clarence Peters for hip hop artiste, Hakym The Dream, may not settle in a hurry with the fiery battle for superiority being demonstrated by featured artistes. The video, which is scheduled for release next month, has pitched the trio of Karen Igho, winner of 2011 Big Brother Amplified reality TV show; artiste and producer eLDee and the video director, Clarence against one another.

Friday Flavour gathered that the three artistes, who had agreed to work together, started encountering problems during recording of the video as a result of ‘unresolved personality issues’. According to our source, while eLDee was permitted to appear for his recording at will, bearing his participation in the about- to-end Hennessy Artistry, Karen was expected to appear promptly according to recording schedule. “The first slight mix-up on the set was the way Karen Igho felt after being held up for hours, while eLDee had the concession to come in at will to do his beat. She had complained that she ought to be treated like a star too, considering that she starred in the Big Brother Africa Amplified show which aired across the continent and beyond. But the situation was handled promptly to give her a sense of belonging”, the source said.

However, this would not be the only feud the video shoot will generate as Clarence Peters and eLDee are currently locked in a battle of wills on which of the rushes from the final shoot should be dropped or used in the video. The source said eLDee got worried about his appearance on the monitor and has been insisting on some portions of the video being yanked off because they are not flattering. But the video director, Clarence, would not take this, especially after the video’s owner has applauded the final edit. According to Friday Flavour’s source, eLDee was worried that some pimples on his face were showing glaringly in the video and did not portray him well, while the director felt that he had no right to complain since he was not responsible for commissioning the job.

“He said he was trying hard to protect his (fine boy) image, so to him, it’s better Clarence uses only one shot than allow his bumpy jaw to show. He blew his top saying Clarence should know better as he is a director. Clarence took him up too accusing the rap star of always picking holes in almost everything and that he is not supposed to complain because it is not his video. The director was overheard telling whoever cared to listen that eLDee has other videos where his bumps showed, yet he didn’t complain. He said he had no power to change eLDee’s skin texture and the rapper should make do with the job as it is, as he cannot use computer to change his skin”. This development is sure to pitch music professionals against one another on who has the right to determine what the final edit of every music video should be.