Quarrels are an integral part of showbiz everywhere in the world. It often begins as a means of protecting interests-business and emotions. For two of Nollywood’s distinguished actresses, Ini Edo and Oge Okoye, Hints Weekly reliably scooped that the two who used to be best of friends are fighting the battles of their lives, unknown to many people. Our source said the problem which has been lingering for a while now started a few years ago and has continued to retrogress, in spite of spirited efforts by a mutual friend of the twosome to resolve the matter. The feud started a few years back when Ini accused Oge Okoye of being behind some of her private issues which found its way into the press. Two particular instances were, the abortion tales as well as the case of a certain US-based business man who was dating Ini, in spite of the fact that his wife was Ini’s friend, which broke in the media sometime ago.

“That particular story which found its way into the press was distorted; however Ini had accused Oge Okoye of being behind the rumuors at the time. Although Oge vehemently denied it, Ini did not forget that experience. It was at this point that she decided that she would sack her Personal Assistant and move out of her residence at Anthony Village. That was the origin of the bad blood,” the source said.

However Oge Okoye’s marriage to Mr. Duru who is based in Holland, availed her the opportunity to level up. She was said to have inflamed the situation by telling some of her close associates that she was keeping to herself because of her new status as a married woman, insinuating that people like Ini Edo who were not married yet, could afford to hobnob as they wished in the social circles.

“By then, Ini Edo was yet to marry, and that sent a lot of bad signals in the relationship. At that point jealousy had also crept into their once blossoming friendship, so much that the twosome started keeping each other at arm’s length”, the source added.

Hints Weekly however gathered that the peak of the bad blood came when Oge Okoye was excluded from the Globacom Ambassadors’ List, the endorsement deal, which is reputed to have fetched over thirty million naira each for the artistes. According to the source, Oge Okoye, still believes that Ini Edo, may have secretly worked to make sure that she was dropped from the list.

“The Globacom Ambassadors’ deal was brokered with the help of Uche Jombo. The arrangement was originally for members of the clique, which includes people like Desmond Elliot, Ini Edo and Uche Jombo. But the company wanted an expanded list which brought in other artistes, however people in Nollywood still believe that they did a lot to discourage the company from signing on certain people. I think that is where the problem between Oge and Ini as regards that deal starts from. She believes that Ini Edo used her connections with Uche to scuttle her chances. But it is only the managers at Globacom that can say what their criteria for picking who the ambassador should be. I guess, the two artistes need to find a common ground to sort out the matter”.