With stake holders in the movie industry stating plans to restart Igbo language movies, and with expectations that Igbo movies would have
their place on Africa Magic like its Yoruba and Hausa counterparts, surely some movie stars are bound to benefit more than others.

Established stars are going to have more success, dwindling stars would re-launch their careers while upcoming artistes would also get a
chance to become big stars. Here, we preview stars who are likely to benefit from this


A very popular figure in Aba, this stand up comedian has been churning out funny lines in Igbo language. But with English, he has been somewhat unable to show his worth. He is fluent in English, no doubt, but he surely makes ribs crack when he speaks Igbo, be it Abia, Imo, Anambra, Ebonyi or Enugu dialect!


Either because he cannot speak English fluently or because he prefers to speak Igbo, one thing remains that Stephen does it the Igbo way. And he wouldn’t shy away when the time comes.