Nollywood filmmaker, Daniel Ademinokan has given great tips about having a good relationship as he stressed the need to laugh in any situation and circumstances.

He said that one of the greatest lessons he leant about relationship is the importance of Laughter. You need to find the fun in every situation whether good or bad because life itself is hard enough why make it more complicated.

Ademinokan who shared the picture of himself and his lover, Stella Damacus wrote as part of the relationship tips, “One big lesson I’ve learnt about relationships…the importance of LAUGHTER! Yeah. You’ve got to always find the need to laugh. Laugh with yourselves. Laugh at yourselves. Laugh at your pain, differences and the fact that one of you can NEVER have an America accent even if you’ve been coming to America for 20 years! (Don’t ask me who). Above all, find the funny in every situation. It doesn’t mean you won’t have things to fight, stress and cry about…but find the funny in all of it.

Life in itself is hard enough, why complicate it further by always discussing serious issues when it’s bed time, after a hard day’s work? Jeeeeez! Haven’t you noticed that most times couples sit down to talk, it’s always about the kids, bills, the broken garage door that needs fixing, work stress, plans for the future or the need to get therapy (now I don’t know where that came from ).

So as you get to bed tonight, find that funny. Tell a dry joke. If he/she doesn’t laugh at the joke then you have to laugh at how dry and silly your joke was. Stay blessed people and have a funny week ahead, he added.