…’ It is the kind of role actors are born to play’- Stella Damasus

For some time now, the face of Nollywood screen diva Stella Damasus has been missing in Nollywood flicks produced of recent, and this development has kept many in the dark as to the where about of their screen idol especially her fans.

After a long time off movie set, delectable actress Stella Damasus finally reappears in the movie “Two Brides and a Baby” by Blessing Egbe but as to the astonishment of her fans, Stella didn’t play her usual lovey-dovey role of the sweet and loving character which she plays in most of her movie, but rather she plays the role of a bitch in the character of Ama, the bitter ex fiancée who is hell bent on extracting her pound of flesh from Bankole played by new darling of the industry, O.C Ukeje.

The movie which features other Nollywood stars such as Kalu Ikeagwu, Blessing Egbe, Chelsea Eze , Okey Uzoeshi is a contemporary story about love, betray, revenge, pain, forgiveness and common relationship issues set in present day Nigeria and the story seeks to reveal the in-depth aspects of relationship between different types of couples. While the story follows the about-to-wed couple through their misfortune and struggle to get through the tragic events of the day leading up to their marriage as a result of the arrival of the bitter ex fiancée a day to the wedding. It also spotlight on the big lie called marriage that exist between cankerous wife and a dodgy husband.

Speaking on why she choose Stella Damasus to play the role of Ama in the movie, Blessing Egbe describes Stella as a wonderful actress, “she’s a wonderful actress who is well vast in interpreting roles, she relives the character in such a way that the audience get a ‘live-feel’ of the character through her interpretation”

Stella Damasus is a multiple award winning Nigerian entertainer who is most notable for her work as an actress. She is considered to be one of the most popular film actresses in Nigeria and has on several occasions been involved in stage performances.

Commenting on the movie, Blessing Egbe says “the story is a sad truth which occurs every day of our lives. People get hurt; some women have even committed suicide from mere emergence of another woman in the lives of their family. This movie is treat the issue the way it should be”

Speaking on the movie, star actress, Stella says it is the kind of role real actors is born to play. ‘It is the kind of role actors are born to play’ she says.

The producer of the movie, Blessing Egbe is a theatre art graduate from the University of Calabar, Nigeria and also a graduate from the City Varsity Film College in Cape Town South Africa. An international model cum film maker who’s last movie “The Rival” won the Best International Drama at the New York International Film and Video Festival in 2007. She recently won the 2011 city people’s best script writer of the year as well.

The movie, Two Brides and a Baby last month bagged 12 nominations from Best of Nollywood Awards.