That the beautiful actress, Mrs. Stella Damasus-Nzeribe is controversial in nature is not in doubt, as every step she takes has always been newsworthy. If you remember that the newly married actress, Stella, was always receiving media attack from unknown quarters due to her waywardness.

Having married to another Igbo boy, Emeka Nzeribe, a bizman, who has a look of her late husband, Jaiye Aboderin, Stella, we gathered, lied to her husband that she was going for an award somewhere else whereas, her body, spirit and soul was in London where, Taiwo Afolabi, the CEO of Silfax Group of Companies, was waiting to receive her at the airport. That was a couple of weeks after their wedding.
Eagle eye caught up with the Nollywood personality, Stella unwinding at De’Eclipse Nite Club, London with her secret lover, Taiwo Afolabi.

After having fun, the lovebirds moved to another location to continue their lovey-dovey while her hubby; Emeka Nzeribe was lonely and longing for her touch.
Interestingly, Shade, the amiable wife of the graduate of the University of Lagos, is said to be making grand preparation to deal with Stella whenever their path crosses when she got wind of the rumored affair between her husband, Taiwo and the Nollywood diva.

The mother of two, we were reliably informed by a close family source that Stella and her beau, Emeka have been having tough times with their few months old marriage over Stella’s over possessiveness. In Igboland, it’s unheard off that a man, after married to a woman, moves into the woman’s house. Stella allegedly said to have told Emeka before their traditional marriage that she would be Mrs. Nzeribe in her house and that she would not move into his house for the sake of her two children, Angelica and Isabel had for the Aboderins, though, the Aboderins are in low tone as per the acceptance of the last child on the ground that the pretty girl, who is like a half-caste, is a split image of Ramsey Nouah, a co-actor in Nollywood. Gossip merchants say the six years old girl is a product of Ramsey and Stella’s illicit affair years back even when the husband, Jaiye was alive.

The genesis of their marriage, we gathered, started when Emeka went to Stella’s town to seek for the consent of her parents and he met brick walls. The journey of a day that later turned out to be three days, aroused his natural feeling into knowing further the kind of family he’s going to marry from.

“Stella’s mum objected their union due to the fact that, the woman has promised to give the mother of two to a certain High Chief in Owerri, the mother as well as Stella, however, benefited immensely from the largesse of this pleasant and philanthropic Chief of Owerri financially, that’s why ‘mama’ was indisposed to her daughter marrying the Youngman for she know how powerful and highly influential Owerri moneybags was and still is.” The source further revealed.

There are other stories surrounding the marriage of the new couple which shall come to your notice as soon as we are done with or findings

By Uzoma Anayo for