Ankara is one local fabric that has come to stay on the Nigerian fashion scene . The designs and texture of this timeless classic keep evolving into sassy and elegant prints.

Fashion designers in recent times, spend quality time to create exotic styles in evening wears, dresses, crop jackets and knee length skirt susing this fantastic fabric.

Also, accessories like handbags and shoes are not left out in the Ankara syndrome. This versatile fabric is a must-have for both male and female, a clear cut from the normal English wears to the office. All you need is take adequate care of your Ankara fabric to keep it shinning and beautiful all year round.

Here are some basic tips:

•Wash with mild soap, avoid using corrosive detergents;

•Use a mild starch;

•Do not spread under the hot sun; and

•Iron from the back of the fabric or spread under the early morning dew.