Stop blaming me for Junior Pope’s death, Adanma Luke blows hot

Movie producer, Adanma Luke, has warned a fan to stop blaming her for the death of her colleague, Junior Pope, who died after an ill-fated boat capsized.

Luke had blasted one of the survivors of the boat mishap, TC Virus, who made and posted content concerning the incident.

However, a fan of the TC Virus, identified as @Gazabritishh on Instagram shunned the actress for her alleged negligence, which cost the life of Junior Pope and 5 other crew members.

The fan also cautioned her for blaming TC Virus.

In response, the movie producer stated that she can’t buy plane tickets for people and force them to put on seat belts; a connotation that she can’t force crew members to wear life jackets provided for them.

She replied, “@gazabritishh if I buy you a flight ticket, am I supposed to come inside the flight and tell you to wear your seat belt or is it the duty of the flight attendant? Am I supposed to be the one to tell an adult not to distract a pilot? You all choose to blame me because it’s Ada but enough of it already. I lost my friends and feel bad because it could have been avoided. Once I die you will satisfy your craving.”