The heat is on these days as some Nollywood stars are taking the fight of cyber bully on themselves as they have decided to fight back just the way they are being attacked.

 Actress, Uche Jombo, is not happy with the way she is being described as a fat lady and this has pushed her to voice out her displeasure.

She stated that she added weight before she gave birth to her son and she has since being trying to return back to normal size and as such would not like anyone to come pointing it to her that she has added weight.

“I usually won’t Do this but it’s kind of getting tiring with the ‘you are FAT’ comments here please I have mirrors in my house, I came from this place in this picture after Matthew was born from 243pounds to 198 pounds, not anywhere near where I want to be but still working on my weight like most women so if you are one of those that only get into the comments section to write how ‘FAT’ I am? Please do yourself the favour of unfollowing this page NOW. Zero tolerance for stupidity,” she said.