A Nigerian actress Omobewaji Oyediji aka Mo Bewa has revealed that she has talents to offer aside her nice body.

According to the actress, some people choose to pay more attention to her body rather than her talent.

Mo Bewa added that it is not her fault that God gave her a wonderful body and it should be noted they He also gave her some good talents.

The actress revealed this on Saturday during an interview with “Saturday Beats”.

She said: “Sorry to those who choose to focus on my sex appeal at the expense of my talent. I am a fantastic actress. But, being sexy is not the only good thing about me. I have so much to offer with the talents God has blessed me with. I don’t even pay attention to those who choose my sex appeal over my talent. It is not my fault that God decided to make me look this good”.

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The actress also spoke on why it is hard for actresses to find love. She said the society believes acting is not a noble profession and people are so judgemental.

Budding actress, Omobewaji Oyediji, aka Mo Bewa, says that before enacting a kissing scene in a movie, she prays to God for her co-actor not have body odour.

The busty role interpreter told Saturday Beats, “I just pray in my heart that the person (I would be kissing) would be a neat person and not have mouth odour or any other type of odour. If the individual is not good at it (kissing), it would look unreal, and I don’t like that.”

Mo Bewa also stated that traits such as lies and laziness turn her off in men. She said, “Lies turns me off in the opposite sex. Whatever it is, try to be transparent. I also don’t like men that are not neat, and those that are not hard-working.”

The actress also stated that she hates the idea of some producers calling on actors for a movie, and end up not paying them. She said, “If one cuts one’s coat according to one’s cloth; one won’t have a problem. The only issue I have is with producers and directors calling one for jobs and not paying. How do they expect one to leave one’s house for as many as four days and expect one to go back home with nothing?”