There are fresh reports that the crisis brewing at popular radio station City FM is far from over and indeed may yet escalate as new developments indicate.

According to inside sources, the management of the radio station had in a bid to avert any disaster by the striking workers on November 24, 2011 called in the officers of the Nigerian Police Force. However the police, we’re told, in a surprise move, and seeking to placate both sides in the matter urged the management to pay up outstanding debts they owed the sacked workers before Tuesday, December, 2011.

However, the management apparently not satisfied with the arrangement got their lawyers to bar the sacked workers from coming within the premises of the radio station or risk facing legal action. Also according to reports, the management of the radio station has allegedly insisted it will not comply with the undertaking to pay the benefits of aggrieved ex-workers.

According to one of the sacked workers, who spoke under condition of anonymity, the ex-workers have hired the services of a legal expert who has advised them to wait till the said date.

Story developing.