The award winning singer, Tu baba has shocked his fans when he started his performance with nurses rolling him on sick bed in a stretcher.

This creative but bizarre act kept the fans wondering what the legendary singer was up to. Tu face has always been known as a man who is very creative and thinks outside the box.

He has once said during one of his interviews that the music of today no longer has the aura of political consciousness but that of entertainment. He added that the standard has also depreciated as musicians no longer sing songs that has moral.

Tuface who performed on gunnery got some mix reactions from his fans. Some see him as one who makes a difference while one of the fans said, “He must have zero talent to be doing this much to entertain.

Any way it is not always easy for people to accept change as they expect him to come in the normal way he normally do during his performance but this time, Tuface surprised them. What next do we expect from him?