At this point, we all aware of Dr. Sid and Simi's "Doro White Wedding" which took place on August 2nd in Lagos, Nigeria. I know this event has come and gone, but I still had to shine some light on a certain issue. I don't know if all of you saw it. All kinds of celebrities were looking on point and glamorously shining in their outfits, but Olamide chose to misbehave. Please...somebody should tell me what Olamide was wearing in this picture! As in...what is the meaning of this? Do we now throw "any-type cloth" to parade around a courtship ceremonial area? Even if we are performing? As in...chai! Badoo, I respect you to the fullest because your rap and beats are sick, but this just improper nah. Where have we seen this kind before? Basketball Bulls Jersey, face cap worn backwards, sunglasses, open zip tight-nee pants and school bag. Nawa oh! I saw him on his Instagram page a few days ago wearing the same outfit while on his studio grind. It just leaves me thinking "Is he repeating cloth?". I have searched on different sites to see if he was formally dressed earlier on during the ceremony, but I am yet to find any pictures. If any of you can find anything, let your sister know oh! your social media marketing partner