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Kinsley Okonkwo, the‘Limpopo’ crooner better known as Kcee has been put on a blast by his fans over his outfit of sneakers on suit. Most of them tagged it a fashion disaster while just few supported him. The entertainer who has self-styled himself; fashion icon’, in a bid to defend himself, posted a picture of others who have rocked such in the past. But his fans were not buying into any of that. One said, “Hmmmm u trying to prove a point and yet sinking yourself the more, the sneakers colors march their cloth, but yours isn’t, u wore brown with black spot tie, that alone killed the good idea of the sneakers,” one of his fans blasted. To salvage the situation, he also posted a picture of his few collection of shoes to the ties that could match, just to make his followers change the topic of discussion and it did work for him.
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