To say that the tattoo bug has bitten its way into the entertainment industry is like stating the obvious and a rehash of stale news. The question you might want to ask or answer is, does tattoo beautify, add creative value or facilitate more income generation to celebrity entertainers and their brand? Obviously, no Bently owner would want to scratch its body with? all kinds of designs but for Danfo drivers, it's not impossible. READ ALSO: Nigeria federal civil servants to undergo compulsory certificates screening For Oritsefemi,the Miami to Malaysia(homes to tattoo craft) crooner, his age, not with standing, seems set to compete with the likes of Wizkid, Davido and Tonto Dike in wearing of the body art, probably in a bid for who wears it better. The picture of this artiste as you will find attached gave birth to the above question as Oristefemi is gradually becoming a human mural. The barely out of Africa artiste embossed and certify himself 'international' ahead of his mentors. Click And Read More From your social media marketing partner