Top actress, Uche Jombo, has a lot up her sleeves at the moment. The actress has concluded arrangement to release three different movies with same theme. The Damage Movies are a collection of three distinct but interwoven stories aimed at advocacy for social issues. Each story addresses important problems affecting individuals, families and societies at large. DAMAGED deals with the issue of domestic violence and the psychological effect it could have, especially on children. A man and his wife love each other immensely, yet their day-to-day life can be described as a ‘cat and mouse’ situation, as they fight violently almost on a daily basis. MY LIFE, MY DAMAGE deals with the consequences of drug abuse and HIV/AIDS. A young lady, who lives a reckless life abroad as a drug addict, is given a rude shock when she discovers that she’s HIV-positive and now has to seek redemption. MY COUNTRY, MY DAMAGE deals with the issue of human trafficking. A young and naive village girl’s dream comes true when an American returnee asks for her hand in marriage. With promises to take her abroad once she’s done with her education, the girl couldn’t have hoped for a better future. But alas! On getting there, she realizes things are not as she expected. Damage is set to hit the theatres and cinemas in July. Lagos premiere holds first week of July 2011, and would be done in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom thereafter. your social media marketing partner