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Customizations of cars among Ghanaian celebrities are not too common as sections of the celebritiesdon’t have much money to be able to buy cars not to talk of customizing them. Others also believe it is not too necessary to waste money on customizing their cars since that will not benefit them in any way. On record, celebrities like Jackie Appiah,Sarkodie and Nadia Buari are known for customization of most of their cars. In recent past, one celebrity who added to this car customization trend that nearly spark saga for him was Guru. As we write to you, Ghanaian movie star who has just joined the car customization chorus is Kafui Danku. Although she likes playing hide and seek with the media,www.NigeriaFilms.Com lens, caught her with two different customized Land Cruisers with registration number Kafui 1 – 12 boldly embodied on the number plate. Investigations www.NigeriaFilms.Com conducted, revealed she was able to raise a humongous over $90,000 in Italy after starring in Roger Q production’s forthcoming movie as well as other projects. The nagging question www.NigeriaFilms.Com are asking is; can staying in Italy and staring in just one movie for one month make Kafui Danku raise such an amount to afford such an ostentatious car? Share your thought.
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