Filmmaker Harry Alemu, with his feature directorial debut, has created a highly original, multi-layered mystery thriller exploring themes such as misguidedness, deception, lies and deceit. “How far will you go to prove your innocence?“ Synopsis: A mystery-thriller set in Otukpo, a small rural town in Nigeria, The Watch of Mr. Alago tells the story of Onawo a boisterous delinquent living with his uncle Junior. Vivian, Junior’s fiancée accuses Onawo of stealing his uncle’s watch, an object of great sentimental value. Eager and desperate to prove his innocence, Onawo alongside best friend Waffi decide to visit Madame Sheca, a priestess of renowned reputation, in hope that she will be able to help him find the culprit. Madam Sheca reveals that a woman close to Junior is responsible for the theft but is unable to reveal the name. Onawo is convinced that Vivian is the thief; little does he know that Junior is engaged in an affair with Vivian’s niece Ichama. His journey to find the missing watch soon descends into a frantic struggle for survival, as he seeks the truth in order to prove his innocence. CAST MEMBERS JUNIOR – CHARLES UDO Charles Udo is a teacher at Nichohilson Secondary School in Otukpo. He decided to audition for the part of Junior because he found the role to be, fascinating, exciting, and packed with suspense. It was a role he found challenging as it was a big task that proved to be tough and hectic at times. Charles feels he acted to the best of his ability and hopefully to the interest of the audience. EMELA – BLESSING OJOH Miss Ojoh played the role of Emela which she was very excited about. She really embodied the character both in essence and beauty. It was evident during filming that Blessing really enjoyed the process and was extremelyenthusiastic and flexible, a credit to her strong ambition as an actress. She was a joy to have on set as she is full of spirit, laughter and life. Blessing always rose above the stresses of filming and delivered as Onawo’s love interest without fail. ONAWO – KINGS NWAMADI Kings Nwamadi hails from Ngor-Okpala, Imo State, Nigeria. Acting has always been a hobby for Kings which fortunately, he has been able to turn into a profession. Kings proved that he is not afraid of hard work and always rose to the challenges of playing Onawo. VIVIAN – VICTORIA BENARD Victoria Bernard is an aspiring actress from Ikobi Apa, Benue State, Nigeria. She caught the eye of the Production Manager with outstanding performance at the auditions. She has acted in several productions such as ‘Teachers World’ though this is her first stint in a major feature film. Vicky is grateful for the support she received from the rest of the cast during shooting. She did an excellent job of managing screen time as Vivian and her life commitments as a student. CREW HARRY ALEMU (Writer, Director) After working as Media Director for Kavernal London, Harry Alemu decided to work towards his aspiration of becoming a visual storyteller. He realized that his ability to tell stories and express himself through moving images was one that could entertain and influence people in a positive way. He is a multitalented artist and scriptwriter; he previously studied TV Production, Graphic Design and Music Technology as part of his quest to hone his skills. His short film, “A Star For A Day” won the coveted first prize at the Southwark Playhouse Film Festival 2009. Currently, Harry is a hardworking second year student studying B.A Cinematics at London Metropolitan University and he is currently working on a Graphic Novel. The Watch of Mr. Alago is his Directorial debut. PROSPER ONU IDOKU (Production Manager) Prosper is an English teacher at Winners Secondary School in Otukpo. He is a man of many talents. Not only did he fulfill the role of Producer/Production Manager behind the scenes, he also found time to act a significant role as Waffi, proving to be a man that wears many hats. Prosper proved to be a reliable and innovative member of the crew and is highly commended. SAMUEL IMOH (Script Supervisor) Samuel is an entrepreneur and Principle who owns and runs Royal Academy Secondary School, Katsina-Ala. He is an experienced actor and producer with two movies to his credit. Samuel was able to perform effectively as a script supervisor and was able to lend his experience in filmmaking to the director in order to avoid the many pitfalls that exist within the Nigerian Film Industry. Sam is hoping to open up his own Movie Production Company in Benue State within the next few years. NICE OGBU (Assistant Director) A Director and Musician, Nice is a man of many talents who is known for his strong work ethic. He worked as Assistant Director and was a great driving force on set and has been a great support to the Director before, during and after production. your social media marketing partner