Hi peeps! I have decided to be a little more selective about the movies I hype nowadays, but this one, I could not resist! What a gorgeous, gorgeous trailer! Very attractive!! The story line appears to be really similar to Perfect picture, (another movie I need to review soon), but hopefully there are plot differences. Its a star studded movie, featuring the lovely Genevieve Nnaji, newcomer Benjamin Joseph (hawt!!), Joke Silva, Bimbo Manuel, Bimbo Akintola and Ahmed Yerima. It was produced and directed by Mahmood Ali-Balogun, while the screenplay was written by Femi Kayode. What is the movie about? In the beginning... Lola and Uzo are the perfect couple, their newly married life in front of them. All is well until the happiest day of their lives became the worst. This event leads the couple on a journey of self discovery. "Tango With Me" is a contemporary story about forgiveness about some of our core values as a people and our faith. A story that proves that above all, Love does indeed, conquer all. That is not the most explanatory synopsis I have ever seen, so here is a great feature piece on the movie, that tells you a little more. Hmmm! And the new guy Joseph Benjamin look tres yummmy!! As with these better quality movies that are going the cinema route first, I think it will take a while before we get it on dvd, as we are still waiting on The Figurine and Ije. But it will be reviewed whenever I lay my hands on it. Ciao!
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