Title: I sing of a well Starring: John Agyeman, Akofa Asiedu, Godwin Kotey, Kofi Mends, Doris Sakitey, Prince David Osei, Luckie Lawson Director: Leila Djansi Executive producers: Akofa Asiedu, Leila Djansi, Ross Lamanna, Ambrose Augustt Story: Leila Djansi Year of production: 2010 Country: Ghana Language: English/Ewe Genre: Historical Drama Prologue: There was a lot of drama before, during and after the making of this movie. You can read about some of it here and here, or you can just google Akofa and Leila and get an eyeful. They really did not get along during the making of this movie. Given that background, I was expecting something really horrible. But honestly, I liked the story. I really did. I hyped it here last year if there is any interest in going back to look at that. What is the story about? Soraya is engaged to Dume a common hunter in the village. They want to get married, but the bride price set by her uncles (her father is dead) is way too high, so he continues to work to raise the money. In the meantime, Soraya catches the eye of the crown prince and he demands her hand in marriage. How does this work out for Soraya, Dume and the kingdom itself?
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