Rita Dominic’ Rita Dominic’s heavenly skin is even more famous than her luscious lips, get-lost eyes and sweet voice and acting ability. Once asked the secret, she replies:”Bright skin?. I’ve always been called silky skin and you even used to call me that. I thank my parents for my skin. I’ve been using the same cream for about five years now. Two years ago, I added a few things to my beauty regimen. What Rita knows: Exercise According to dermatologists, we tend to focus on the cardiovascular benefits of physical activity, and those are important. But anything that promotes healthy circulation also helps keep your skin healthy and vibrant. Going to the spa more frequently to detox, steam, get body scrubs and massages. Links between massage and skin beauty has been controversial, at best; but at least it has worked for Rita, alongside body scrubs and other popular spa routines we are always to busy to get. Drink about 13 glasses of water a day Everyone has testified to this one. Water is skin’s best friend, dryness its worst enemy. Stay away from the sun. With all the location shoots and red carpets, can Rita really stay out of the sun? Well, she says she does by all means and you’d better believe her. Her skin says it’s true. Kate Henshaw Nuttal She has not been able to live down the girl-next-door mien. Yet, Kate Henshaw Nuttal is now best known as the sexiest member of the 40s club in Nollywood thanks to her eternally youthful long, lithe body. Lately, she appears to have just realized the value of her legs and is using them to advantage. What Kate knows: Use the stairs Ever seen Kate in her elements? She’s flying all over the place like a teenager. Call it joie de vive, whatever. Run up the stairs if you must. Use lotion, not creams If possible, find lotions specifically for legs but whatever the case, use lotions, not creams, on the legs. Slather one layer, wait for five minutes, then slather another. Never, ever shave If you look closely- really, really closely- you will find hairs on Kate’s legs too. They never get noticeable because she never shaves them. Ini Edo From the beginning of this year, Hottie Ini Edo revealed the new her, to coincide with her post wedding appearances and relocation to the United States. The curves and the proportional body are obviously God’s precious gift, but Ini has gone a step further, losing at least one dress size, tightening up the wobbly bits and showing fans that an already stunning bod can be made downright spectacular. What Ini knows: Mix Aerobics with weights She has given a dozen interviews since her new bod, yet Ini aint spilling about the secret of the new bod. Personal trainers however attribute it to loads and loads of time at the gym doing a little aerobics as well as plenty of weights training. Caution: do not try this at home, weights training only works with expert supervision Plenty of Water Ini’s tight body is rippling with muscles, though you can’t see them under her glorious skin. Most people don’t know that training with weights is useless without loads and loads of water. Muscles cannot grow without it. Diet rich in protein, calcium and iron. Train from now till Timbuktoo, but without proper nourishment, it is impossible to get Ini’s level of tone without a diet rich in fish, chicken, seafood and moluscs. The carbs just have to go.
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