The suit is a versatile piece of clothing that, when selected and tailored correctly, shows that you are very discerning in your tastes and take a special interest in your appearance and image as a man. Therefore it is important to consider the colour and texture of the fabric when selecting a suit.

When in the market to purchase a suit, you must first consider your existing wardrobe says Bimpe Adeagbo, a fashion expert. “If you are shopping for your first suit, it is highly recommended that you choose a solid black wool suit. The reasoning behind this choice is very simple – the colour of the suit (black) will match any shirt you care to wear with it and further, the ordinary nature of a basic black suit means that it can be worn a few times without drawing attention to the fact that it is indeed the only suit you have.”

Adeagbo explains that the versatility of the black suit combined with the ability to wear it frequently without it becoming too stale is the primary reasons to consider it as the best option. She says polyester suits are not an acceptable replacement for their wool counterparts since they are not as durable as wool suits. “Polyester is less breathable, wrinkles more easily, is typically heavier, and is not as resistant to damage and pilling,” she says.

However, if it’s not your first attempt at getting a suit, perhaps a pinstriped suit may be in order. Pinstriped suits are very much in style and as a matter of fact are probably more popular than their other kinds. “Always remember to purchase a suit with a base tone Black, brown, navy, charcoal, grey, taupe, and tan are the most common colours in the men’s suit. Avoid colours such as maroon and olive if possible as they are primarily relics of decades gone by or considered to be eccentric,” says Yemi Akinlade, a tailor.

The stylistic details of suits are important these days. The great majority of contemporary suits are single breasted, and while double-breasted may not be completely relegated to the background. “For men with larger midsections,” says Akinlade, a two-button suit is highly recommended, as a lower closure will mean a more complimentary fit around the shoulders, chest, and waist although the two-button suit is also very dapper on men with other builds. Three-button suits are a bit more traditional but still very stylish. It depends on personal preference of the wearer although it fits men of different stature.”

Cotton or wool, formal or casual, shopping for suits can be intimidating and expensive.
Some people could spend N60, 000 or more on suit. While other people who cannot afford so spend so much on suit to look great as inexpensive brands are taking signals from well known labels and making fashionable suits more accessible to the average man.

“The most important thing is to make sure the suit fits properly on the shoulders,” says Akinlade. If it doesn’t, the suit will never fit well. Most men wear pant suit that look too baggy which is not good enough. Slim men can have the sides of the jacket taken in a bit, so the suit contours to your torso.”

It’s important that you know what suits your frame. It’s good to always ones style simple. You can wear light coloured shirt with a dark tie. And you can never go wrong, with a crisp white dress shirt. Remember the Barack Obama example.