The pretty actress that played Nnena in the Wale Adenuga production titled Nnena, Yinka Olukunga who is reported to have slept with two friends, AY and Skuki, one of the guys who sang ‘Ma Yin E Ni Banger’ song, has opened up to us that truly she’s having an affair with Skuki popularly called Atewo by friends and fans.

According to the report, Yinka, when she was still in her teens got deflowered by this AY who shuttles Lagos, London and America frequently. Their relationship, which was said to be well known by the two families, has now been severed due to Yinka’s appetite for joysticks.

When the cookies crumbled between AY and Yinka, people in the know told us that, Yinka, while AY was abroad was having a secret affair with Olu Maintain, “it was a run-off thing though. Olu just ‘banged’ her for few days before he showed her the way out of his life then at Ogundana, off Allen Avenue, Ikeja area of Lagos” a close source told

In a chat with Yinka over the allegation, she admitted that she is actually having an affair with Atewo but declined to have ever dated anyone called AY not alone to have met anyone by that name.

In the course of setting the record straight, the AY in the picture of the whole saga was contacted and he said Yinka has been a friend right from her childhood days “denying to have dated me means she’s not a girl to trust. She’s a nice girl to me and she will forever remain so in my heart” AY said. On if truly he was the one that deflowered her, he said it’s not something he would want to comment about on this blog