There are fashion items that are must-components of the modern woman’s wardrobe. Not least of this are a flattering pair of jeans. It makes a definitive statement about women because it speaks of their sexuality.

Jeans’ trends come and go as the years roll by. We’ve had wide-leg, skinny, cropped, distressed, embellished, natty and stonewashed, and many more. There are so many styles that even the most fashion conscious person would become confused, especially regarding what is best for one’s body type.

Getting the jeans’ language right is making the right choice to suit your individual taste and style. What’s more, they come in various styles to fit the individual shape and preference.

The bootleg jean is always in style regardless of your age. It gives a flattering touch to a woman’s body, irrespective of the body type.

Not every jean has the versatility that suits everyone. Some are designed with specific figures in mind, while others are designed with wide tolerance specifics that are capable of suiting all shapes. Test, test, test and then choose the one for your shape.

Tummy control

Are you a bit on the heavy side, with spilling waist line? Slimming jeans are great idea if you want to look toned and firm. The cut of jeans go a long way in setting the tone for its fitting. This washed jeans could be ideal for you. The cut engages a criss-cross feature that flattens the tummy and lifts the rear. An incredible design for slightly robust females as it cuts down greatly on your stature. Topped with a simple but stylish waist length blouse, this pant will provide the needed cover for flab.


If you like a higher rise, contour-enhancing jeans, with a bit of stretch, the Hug bootleg jean is perfect for you. It’s ideal for regular, petite and tall. Paired with a brief blouse, it’s ideal for dress-down office days or weekend casuals.


Washed Jeans are known for their great fit, and the curvy pair called “Honey” has all of the essential elements like sexy back pockets and a distressed wash. It is especially suitable for ladies with slightly wider hip area.

Boot point

This comes with all the benefits of a premium jean; low rise, subtle boot cut, stretch fabric and perfect colour. It is especially cute on tall slim ladies, and worn with a cotton-fabric full-length shirt, it’s a smash hit on casual days or for dress-down office days.

Flare Stretch Jeans

Crisscross fabric panels lift the rear in those less-endowed in the derrier area. Comes in flattering, flared-leg with five pockets to enhance feminine physique. It is especially cute on tall slim ladies, and worn with a cotton-fabric full-length shirt, it’s good for less-officious casual parties.

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