Tanzanian singer and most sort after, Diamond Platnumz, is now a proud father who can face his critiques anytime they come accusing him about the paternity of his daughter, Latifah, whom he welcomed late 2015.

The singer has be pressured to carry out a DNA test to really ascertain who the true father of his daughter was and despite being certain he was the father of the child, the singer decided to set the records straight by traveling to South Africa with his daughter and his babymama for a DNA test.

The singer was said to be I  tears when he discovered the official report of the DNA test stating that he is the father of the child and not as widely speculated that it was his babymama’s ex-husband.

In an interview with Citizen TV, the Tanzanian star said; “People talked a lot, created a lot of lies. I was not worried nonetheless. All through, I knew the baby is mine; though just to make myself happier and more peaceful, I decided to conduct a DNA test on Tifah. Tifah is my daughter, completely! I am extremely overjoyed by the results (DNA). That’s why I am now freer, happier and having a good time. When you happen to visit my office, you will notice I have hung framed photos of Tifah everywhere. I am not worried at all. I can now courageously face my critics.”