Guyz i know some of you, May be tired to read anything from TB Joshua. Without annoying anyone, i like to present to you some staffs regarding engineering.

Today, i watched Emanuel TV: coincidentally i saw the difference between, the controlled demolition and the structural failures. I almost became convinced that; the collapsed of TB Joshua building is not simply a structural failures, as i thought it should.

I’ve to admit that, I personally never saw any collapse building before today, Though i heard some news reporting about the collapsed Buildings in the various part of the world.

The TB Joshua footage has convinced me that, The SCOAN Building is simply not a result of structural failures.

The structural failure; some parts of the building “MUST” remain intact(Without breakage), mean while the “Controlled demolition” leave no wall stands – only rubble remains, Like wise the TB JOSHUA Building left no Wall intact. hence i may say it is controlled demolition and not a result from shoddy construction.

Hope there are more experts who can tell the difference between these 2 forms of “buildings collapse”.