Nigerian hairstylists now have a full Insta-story call outpost dedicated to them by Big Brother Naija reality show star, TBoss. According to TBoss, it is rude and disrespectful for Nigerian hair stylists to touch her hair without washing their hands first.

She wrote;“Dear hair stylists, It is straight up rude & bloody disrespectful to try to touch my hair without washing your hands first. Or after touching someone else’s hair & then come put that hand in my hair. I know my hair but I don’t know what’s in their hair & neither do I wanna find out. That’s disgusting as heck not to mention unsanitary. You Naasshhtty”

Recall that TBoss who was the unofficial sanitary perfect during the last edition of the Big Brother Naija Reality Show slammed some of the ‘double wahala ‘ edition housemates for being dirty.

The second runner-up who was known for ‘cleanliness during her time on the reality show in 2017, took to her Instagram to express her irritations towards the present housemates. Tboss after watching female housemate, Princess rub ice-cream on her fellow housemates’ lips and body, with the same spoon wrote:

”Big brother please stop that one that is putting ice cream on everyone’s lips and nipples with the same spoon.

” OMG now she is sitting on the bare floor with her butt half exposed, yukk, talk about unsanitary.

”Now she is putting Tobi’s sweat on another’s lip and had someone else lpickit up, am I the only one seeing this?

”My Gawwd, this one is talking bloody nonstop how can someone talk so much?”


She also fired back at her critics, after her comment generated controversy. TBoss called out those who can’t walk up to her on a normal day, sitting in their homes and using their N100 data to insult her for making a ‘clear’ observation. According to her, anybody who has a ‘bloody brain and bloody eyes’, will see what was happening in the house on Saturday Night.

The second runner up of the reality TV show in 2017, also stated that she doesn’t care about what people say about her, assuring that she will continue to remain herself despite the criticism.