Nollywood grand play boy Ramsey Noah says the movie industry Is growing and has moved from the era of good stories and gifted actors without good technical impute to the point where we now have great technology but the acting standard is fast reducing.


“Emm… for Nollywood, there have been phases of growth for us. It seemed like we started off on a very good note but everyone is thinking… No, no, no, it’s not as if it’s not a good note, it is, but there was a good start, there was an influx of stories. It became saturated. People got tired and everybody just felt like the industry has reached its peak and there’s nowhere else to go.

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Hence, that point in time was when everybody began to say ‘are we growing or falling?’ But this is what it is. We had good performances acting, in the beginning. The performance acting became saturated because there were too many movies outside. Technicals didn’t grow from where we began , it was going to get better but mid-way but things got worse. Now, technical is growing.

What’s giving birth to good technicals are the cinemas. For you to shoot a movie for cinemas there has to be capital, of course big screen and you have to get everything and every detail right. But there’s a nosedive with the performances now. Where we have gotten to now with good technical, acting is getting better. There’s need for that bridge for technical and acting to synegise for us to have a smooth and perfect production.

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On the lowest moment in his career, Ramsey Noah took a journey down memory lane to 2012 were he was banned alongside other actors
“Yeah. In 2006, a couple of us were blacklisted by the (film) marketers for no good reason. Of course, at that moment there was a turnaround in my faith in the industry.

I was like ‘what the hell, why should we have this?’ Hence, when the cinema thing came in I was very happy because it helped curb our industry. Because we lack structure, we lack regulation and regulatory bodies to actually checkmate certain things; a whole lot of things went haywire. That was one of my low points in the industry.”