How time flies! It is already 20 years since we saw comic actor, Tee-A jump the stage. To celebrate his 20th year anniversary  ‘Tyme out with Tee-A’ , he has released  some cute pictures.

2016 is a memorable year for the comedian who equally celebrated his 11th year wedding anniversary with his wife early this year.

He had talked about being funny “I think everybody is funny. For me as a comedian, if I talk and you laugh, that shows I’m funny. If I talk and people are willing to pay for it, that shows I’m doing something right. And if I perform and get called again and again, it shows that I’m doing something right. So being funny is serious business.”

His parents knew he was going to be comedian “Everybody already knew I like making a nuisance of myself and making fun of people. So right from my secondary school days, they’d known I love to entertain people. So, when I got into the university, I had a bigger platform to practice comedy. It came natural for me. But my grandmother used to tell me to first graduate from the university before taking to comedy. 

In the past, comedy wasn’t lucrative but with the way things are going now, people are beginning to like the art.”